At my recent retreat one of the participants challenged me, saying she felt codependence was used to describe everything.

I had to think about this one.

Yes, it’s true, it’s become a cliche and used to cover all kinds of dysfunctional relationship behaviors.

And… THIS is also true:

Codependence is a concept and name for a container, a container that holds all kinds of unhealthy and dysfunctional behaviors and thought patterns.

And that is exactly why it’s so important!

You can address each individual issue in the container one at a time – OR the container as a whole.

Which one do you think is most efficient?

Work on: people-pleasing then low self-esteem then perfectionism then loneliness then your feeling powerless to change your life then your relationship with your husband then your relationship with your teenage daughter then your addiction to sugar then your lack of taking good care of yourself then your lack of self-confidence…

Or… just work on the codependence container and get them all in one.


All those issues I listed are just some of the symptoms of codependence. Codependence is the CAUSE of all those symptoms and many more.

And we all know that it’s more important to heal the cause of our problems than the symptoms for true healing to take place.

I’ve worked as a codependence counselor since 2000 and have added multi-dimensionality to it because the codependence container exists not only psychologically but also energetically and physically.

There is NOTHING I don’t know about codependence.

In this weeks FB livestream:

1. Even more on why it’s so important to work on the codependence container as opposed to addressing specific issues.

2. What codependence really is.

3. Where is comes from (yes, it comes from your childhood and no, it doesn’t come from your childhood).

4. What codependence has to do with Self-Love (just about everything).

It’ll be holistic, I promise.

Whether you choose to watch this livestream or not, live or on replay, one thing I know for sure: Ignore codependence at your own risk.

Here is the link to where you can find the livestream.

​​​​​​​If you join live, ask me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in the livestream.

Thursday, June 14
6pm European time
4 pm Iceland time
12 pm Eastern time

Sensitively, and self-loving-ly

I went to Malta last week to connect with the ancient goddess temples and the goddess energies there. It was mind-blowing, absolutely mind-blowing. The photos here below are taken from a place of utter bliss in one of the 5000 year old temples.

Here is where you can find then livestream on Thursday this week.