At my last retreat I asked the participants what made them decide to go on a retreat instead of just a regular vacation.

Here are some of their answers along with some of my own thoughts.

This was hands down the main reason they all decided to come on the retreat. Whether the need for time for themselves was due to overwork, exhaustion or recent traumatic events that they needed space to process, this was the main reason they were coming. To let the retreat space soothe, heal, restore, rejuvenate and re-inspire.

A vacation often involves visiting new places and that in an of itself can be rather stressful, requiring you to figure out transportation, accommodations, daily activities, places to eat or buy food, shopping, sight seeing, driving in foreign places, etc. On a retreat, all this is taken care of for you.

Even if a vacation is of the restful kind, it is often just a surface rest. A retreat offers you a deep and profound resting of not only your body and mind, but also your emotions and spirit. A week’s retreat feels like a month vacation – or as we experience it on the Sacred Self retreat: One day equals one week.

A retreat is a place for you to review and re-evaluate your life and to course correct if you have veered too far off the path of living your truth. And many retreats, including mine, are specifically designed to facilitate powerful personal healing, transformation and growth. Very few vacations gives you this.

Many vacations, while refreshing, can be almost too stimulating, especially for sensitive people and especially when taking into account hordes of tourists. A retreat, on the other hand, is exactly that: a retreat, a withdrawal, from the busy-ness of life to a quiet, peaceful place with no disturbance from the world at large. A retreat is distraction free and allows you to focus on renewing and deepening your relationship with yourself, to ponder deep questions and to take stock of where you are at in life.

A vacation is often about doing something different than what you do in your day-to-day life, such as visiting new places and experiencing different activities and events. People need new experiences for the sense of aliveness it brings us, which is the reason why vacations often involves traveling to new places. However, vacations are often trying to make up for lack of ‘newness’ in people’s daily lives – too often their lives are too much routine and can leave them feeling stuck in a rut –  so people pack their vacation full of one new experience after the other. So many new experiences easily become suffocating instead of the breath of fresh air it’s meant to be. A retreat, on the other hand, balances Being with Doing, new experiences with structure, and time for yourself with time other people.

I hope I’ve provided you a bit of food for thought on why it might be worthwhile to go on a retreat instead of a vacation :).

The Sacred Self retreat takes place August 24-31 in Italy.
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