If you watched the video yesterday where Joan and I shared our experience of last years Sacred Self retreat, you’ll know we both got real, profound and lasting transformation out of it in spite of being the facilitators, it was that powerful.

​​​​​​​We didn’t go into details of our transformations so I wanted to share with you what I wrote down a few days after arriving home from the retreat, after I’d had some time to digest.

Here are my thoughts and awarenesses, unedited, raw:

– It was a perfect blend of teaching, experiences, sharing circles and silence.

– The Reclaiming ritual in the stream is one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

– It was a retreat for the soul and spirit, rather than the mind and emotions (although those were of course also there all the time).

– Sacred Feminine, Goddess, Women Together, Sisterhood, Earth Mother, Dark Mother.

– Empowering by taking all of us down into the core of our Sacred Self and experiencing life from that place.

– Savoring every part of it & living life to its fullest.

– The last piece of a puzzle I’ve been working on for many months fell into place and I feel whole after the retreat in a way I didn’t before the retreat.

– It felt right, to the bottom of my soul and the tip of my toes to do this retreat.

– I felt blessed, lucky, in awe of everyone who was there.

– I felt it to be a Sacred Trust.

– Everything I wanted the participants to experience and know about yourself came true.

– Patricia: her spirit, her presence, her participation and her food – all of it delightful.

– Joan’s rituals and awareness of the Goddess added the exact extra to the retreat that I knew I wanted to give the participants.

– The beauty, spirit and energy of the land.

– I’m humbled by the trust everyone had in me.

– The participants willingness to go into every experience, inner or outer, at the Retreat, wide open, utterly willing and complete lack of resistance; it was – again – humbling.

– How the food we had at each meal was so very perfect.

– Deep joy inside of me and deep joy for doing this retreat.

– Falling in love with the left side of my body and claiming my sacred feminine.

– Getting to know *that* place in me as my wild and dark core.

– I became ready to re-assess everything I’ve been doing in my business and my work, to address it from a much more grounded and practical perspective.

– I let go of the last pieces of my arrogance regarding growing my business.

– Rest, so much rest for my body, mind and spirit.

– Laughter + delight + deliciousness + glorious + gentle + loving.

– I got to experience once again that it only takes one person to have enough love for the whole world, something I have wanted for many years.

– I feel I have a perfect balance now of feminine and masculine energy inside of me.

– My masculine energy has become about structure instead of being a warrior (which has caused me to create unnecessary battles, as I only new how to fight for everything).

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Love from Italy,