I’m at Terra Selvatica (the Wild Earth retreat center) this week and I wanted to shoot a quick video sharing how delightful, gorgeous and powerful it is to be here.

And to share the profound tranquility with you.

However (or yippee?) the tranquility stole the words right out of my brain and so I decided to let pictures tell you what I haven’t the words for.

And yet, not even pictures can capture the peace and spirit if this place and this retreat. Truly, there are no words and no pictures for how life-changing it is.

The next retreat here is the Sacred Self retreat taking place the last week in August.

Here is the information: http://www.gittelassen.com/sacred-self-retreat/
The Early Bird special price is still available (until May 15).

Terra Selvatica has long been known for it’s amazing views and beautiful nature.


​​​​​​​PS I really wish you could be here and experience it for yourself!